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‘How To Write A Song’ Workbook!

Are you a songwriter? Have you got great songwriting ideas but can’t get your songs finished? Do you dream of being a singer/songwriter but can’t seem to create those killer songs?

“How to Write A Song” is designed to get you writing, writing fast and to get actual record-able, produce-able, pitch-able songs written. Let me introduce myself: I’m Roger Corbett. I’ve been writing songs since I was a kid. I’ve always been in bands that have performed and recorded my songs and I’m a record producer who writes with artists to help them achieve their dreams. After years of writing successful music chart songs, co-writing, recording music and teaching songwriting to hundreds of people,  I’ve developed a method that will get you on the songwriters path to success.
I figure you have the ideas and inspiration and this book is  going to help massively with your technique. I’ve done the hard yards of studying songwriting from the best songwriting knowledge available, “How To Write A Song”  brings together the knowledge I have learned using simple but effective tools and ideas.
Here’s a idea of what you will learn from “How To Write A Song”
  • How to set yourself up for success with your Songwriters Toolkit
  • How to plan a song
  • How to write the parts of a song
  • How to write unique and amazing lyrics
  • How to structure melody and chord progressions
“How To Write A Song” is the workbook for my three hour workshop and it’s available to you FREE! Just enter your name and email address in the box above and we will send you a FREE downloadable PDF.
COMING SOON – If you like the workbook, you will love the full book that is coming soon…

Here is what some songwriters say about the “How To Write A Song”

Thank you ! Very professional and well put together. I wish I had this 10 years ago. So I am passionate about songwriting but it has been a major battle. One of my most vulnerable areas has been getting the lyrics to where they need to be and to have someone just be a bit ruthless with me.
Thank you!  Simon Marrable

Just a quick email to thank you Roger for the songwriting bootcamp. Erin had a fantastic time, and has been bubbling with enthusiasm about songwriting! Steve Jones (Father of teenage songwriter, Erin)

Roger is a fantastic songwriter in his own right & was able to help me 
polish up a few of my own that needed that little something extra before recording……. & even sat down & cowrote with me when we decided to add additional original 
songs to the album. Belinda Harkness

I especially appreciated the framework and approaches for lyric-writing, and I know that will be something I use in the future. It is also interesting to realise that, in the scheme of things, while there are of course differences in approach across the musical genres, there is also so much in common. So, thank you Roger, for your skill and expertise and great teaching approach. Peta Williams
I just thought that I would take the opportunity to thank you for a great day of songwriting instruction yesterday.As a musician I have always found composition a chore – especially songwriting, but Roger, the clear instructions and the activities that you gave us to do were excellent and really inspired me to do more songwriting – especially when the mood doesn’t make me. I came away with some great ideas and even better some practical approaches. Peter Christie

I got a good deal out of your workshop on songwriting. Your material obviously spoke from many years in the industry. Brian Carter

3 Responses to HOW TO WRITE A SONG

  1. Tamie Farr says:

    Would love a copy of the book.
    If you have any advice on how to support and encourage young singers I would love for you to share.

  2. Dina says:

    Send me the PDF please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. allan dingwall says:

    I am a lyric writer with past experience need a good musical composer as joint writer. songs range country western to ballads. location Sydney
    thank you for making your company available for my request. regards Allan

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