It all begins with songwriting!

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Whether you are already a songwriter, looking to co-write or collaborate or don’t write at all, we cover all bases. At The Valley Studio we write songs with musicians and songwriters of all levels.

Roger Corbett is a highly experienced, award winning songwriter, with music chart hits and expertise. Roger’s  approach is about providing different ways to develop your songwriting for commercial success.

We offer a range of songwriting options

  • Complete Songwriting solutions for your recording project at The Valley Studio.
  • One-on-one songwriting tuition from $50 per hour.
  • Half-day songwriting and recording sessions from $125 (9.30am-1pm or 2pm -5.30pm)
  • Full-day songwriting and recording sessions from $250 per day. (10am-6pm)
  • Access to many other award-winning songwriters.
  • Schools, colleges and organisations group songwriting workshops.




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Four hour seminar held regularly at The Valley Studio $40 (small groups).

This intense songwriting workshop allows writers from every music genre to access some fantastic tools and tips to help tone up those songs and help create a more productive music career.

$ 40 Adults
$ 25 Students ( under 18)


  • Tone up those songwriting muscles!
  • Get those flabby verses into shape!
  • Whip your choruses into mean machines!
  • Send your songs out to battle the market as tough veterans not raw recruits!
  • Make your songs into the fighting force you need to combat the forces of apathy and boredom!

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