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‘Songs Under The Stars’ House Concert

Here at The Valley Studio we like to keep music alive and fresh. The Valley Studio House Concert Series is called ‘Songs Under The Stars’ and it’s our new venture. Starting in the spring of 2012 and it’s all about bringing world class music and songs to the Blue Mountains, supported by the wonderful artists we record here at The Valley. We are kicking off our ‘Songs Under The Stars‘ house concert series with a special night of acoustic songs and … Continue reading

New Zealand winners from The Valley Studio

We are sending out a bit congratulations this week to the wonderful duo The Heartleys who’ve just released their second Valley Studio album this year and Jody Direen – both winners in the New Zealand National Country Music Awards. The Heartleys won the ‘Best Group or Duo’ award in the New Zealand National Country Music Awards. The Heartleys achieved success both in New Zealand and here in Australia with their debut, self titled album ‘The Heartleys’. The lastest album “Talk … Continue reading

Bringing Home The Gold

Blue Mountains Record Producer, Songwriter and Musician Roger Corbett (The Valley Studio) has returned from the Tamworth Festival with the prestigious Gold Guitar Award for The Bushwackers version of the Heritage classic ‘I Am Australian’. Roger is a long time member of The Bushwackers Band, producing both The Bushwackers music and a swag of other talented independent music acts at his Valley Studio in Springwood. This is the third Gold Guitar Award for the Bushwackers and arrives at the end … Continue reading

Shaping Up For Songwriting Bootcamp

The popular ‘Songwriting Bootcamp’ is on again When: Saturday 25th of February 10 am till 2pm. Where: The Valley Studio, Springwood, Blue Mountains. Cost: $40 Adults, $24 Students (under 18) Tone up those songwriting muscles! Get those flabby verses into shape! Whip your choruses into mean machines! Send your songs out to battle the market as tough veterans not raw recruits! Make your songs into the fighting force you need to combat the forces of apathy and boredom! “ Nothing … Continue reading

20 Things You Need To Know For Songwriting Success

Apra/Amcos and Roger Corbett will be ‘Connecting Members’ in a very special  presentation to Apra members and guests in the Blue Mountains this month. The presentation aims to provide the fundamentals behind writing great music, to ensuring that APRA is paying you as much as possible. This presentation will break down the craft and industry of song writing. Roger Corbett (The Valley Studio) will discuss his top 10 tips to help songwriters craft that elusive hit song and David Perry … Continue reading