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Are you an Olympian of music?

Well it’s been quite an interesting time in the world over the last little while. The Olympics have been taking my attention away from music and everyone else’s I guess. I do love watching sport and I often wonder what it is that is so addictive about sport on TV. Certainly my lovely wife doesn’t share my passion, in fact she uses my Sydney Swans habit to have an afternoon nap. She crashes out after the first siren and wakes … Continue reading

Genre-Free Songwriting

I’m heavily involved in acoustic music scene around Sydney and nationally. I’ve produced, written and recorded lots of music that falls into the three main categories of folk, country and pop with a few variations like rock, christian, kids, and even Yoga and meditation stuff. Its an industry obsession to try and categorise someone’s music so they can be pigeon-holed neatly and never reappear again. Usually it’s the ’round file’ that people’s CDs find themselves in. That’s all well and … Continue reading

Spinning your creative plate!

So you want to make a record? Good idea! There’s really nothing better than the process of making a CD to give to your friends and fans so they’ll stay interested in your career and engaged with you and your ideas. I have a dark confession to make: I promised my wife I’d record a CD for her, here in our Valley Studio about 3 years ago –  it’s nearly finished and so is the marriage- ‘naaah’ I’m just kidding … Continue reading

Are you a brave songwriter?

Thanks for keeping on reading my blog. I hope you’ve downloaded my Songwriting Bootcamp Book and are following some of the ideas in there. As always, if you have any questions feel free to ask away. So……I  saw Angus Stone and his band on Sunrise this week. I laughed out loud at his image and ‘vibe’ not because it’s funny but just from the sheer joy of seeing someone like him bravely creating his persona and living it out to … Continue reading

Songwriting for The Family Barbeque

So….. I’m going to a large family gathering. Lovely day, everybody there and I’m looking forward to the day, or else. Firstly, I have no choice about this (even though my football team is playing a crucial game) I’m still required to attend this barbecue. I don’t mind really because it’s a vital part of the fabric that makes up all our lives. The bride and I both have large outfits with all the inherent dynamics contained within most families. … Continue reading

What’s Love Got To Do With Songwriting

I’m reading an interesting book right now called Linchpin by Seth Godin. It’s an American book which basically states that the business world which our parents and some of us inherited is now effectively over. The days when you got a job and kept it for years and the company looked after you until your retirement are long gone. Undoubtedly that model of business is probably on the decline as we all watch our superannuation melting steadily like a paddle … Continue reading

The Music Recording Dilemma

Ok! So you want to make a record. Firstly I’d say the landscape has changed dramatically and is still changing. As a Record Producer I’ve recorded a great number of albums and mostly my clients have made back their investment money and a little extra besides. Some of them have even made lots of money over the years. I do try to give each of my recording clients the reality of making recordings and the prospects of achieving great wealth. … Continue reading

The Three Chairs Of Songwriting

Hi again. Thanks for logging onto Rog Blog #2. Last week I wrote about the way we think about songwriting and getting our material out there.We’ve all heard songs from artists that we think are a bit ordinary or average but they still go on to become successful. Similarly we hear great songs that disappear without a trace. It all comes down to the size, speed, weight and power of the vehicle that’s carrying your songs around. I have a friend who … Continue reading

Find a successful vehicle for your songs

Hi there! Welcome to Rog Blog #1. I’ll be posting up a weekly item and I hope you’ll find this a useful and thought provoking addition to your week. I’m going to cover songwriting, recording and production, the state of the music industry in general and folk and country music in particular. Let’s talk about songwriting firstly. I have a deep love of the craft and I have been responsible for many recorded songs. Some are OK, some good, some … Continue reading

What makes a successful music project?

We have been producing music projects here at our Blue Mountains based recording studio – The Valley Studio for the last 20 years. I’ve been watching how the world is changing and I hope you’re still as positive about your career in music as ever and that you’re working towards better sales and gigs. The music industry has changed shape. Marketing opportunities for independent artists are endless, record companies are rapidly shrinking and the iTunes and online phenomenon is growing … Continue reading