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Free Wheelin’

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Amanda O'bryan - Free Wheelin'
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Free Wheelin’ is Amanda O’Bryan’s debut original album, 10 years in the dreaming and 3 years in the making. The result of over 10 years of chipping away at music, lyric and performance and finding a voice in between the ebb and flow of life.
“I’m a mum, a wife, I run a creative design business, I do laundry and sometimes I get to write and sing songs… Free Wheelin’ is an anthology of domestic life, of women I know, and the ones I do not, about the ones who have inspired me and who have been inspired by others, about the women we are and the woman I am”.
Raising a family, a marriage break-up, getting re-married, establishing a creative business and fitting time in the studio meant that music was often just the last thing on the long list of to do’s. These Free Wheelin’ songs were chosen because they tell a story, share an experience and sit on the edge of  folk and country music. Recorded at The Valley Studio with husband and music producer Roger Corbett (The Bushwackers), the inspiration for the album came on the eve of Amanda’s 40th birthday, when Roger suggested he make an album of original songs as a birthday gift.  
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