Music Producer -Roger Corbett

Roger Corbett (The Bushwackers) is  an award winning songwriter/musician/performer and  independent record producer. He has written countless songs with and for his clients  from his Blue Mountains recording studio. Roger works with Independent artists in the Country, Americana, Folk, Christian and children’s music genres.

Roger Corbett performs regularly with the legendary  Bushwackers Band. Named ‘The Australian band’ by Rolling Stone Magazine, The Bushwackers are celebrating their 45th year with their 24th studio album ‘The Hungry Mile’.  The Bushwackers continue to tour the country playing Festivals, clubs, pubs and events. Roger manages the band and helps create the music that drives this iconic band.

Roger Corbett is the Vice-Chair of the CMAA and The General Manager of The Academy of Country Music working within that industry to create more career and creative pathways for independent artists.

At heart, Roger is an accomplished musician, producer and creator who loves to help artists achieve their career goals.





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