The Valley Studio is a Sydney, Blue Mountains recording studio headed by music producer Roger Corbett. Our goal is to provide you with a valuable music asset  - your album. We provide state-of-the art, cost effective music production, songwriting, music business mentoring and music services to the music industry and to all kinds of music artists in all  kinds of music genres.

We’ve been in the music business for a long time, we are established and we know our stuff. We’ve produced over 130 career albums, plus many EP’s and demos for artists working in folk music, pop music, rock music, country music, christian music and children’s music. Music artists who recorded at The Valley Studio have achieved countless awards, hits on music charts, accolades, competition wins, great critical reviews and thousands of CD sales.


Our Approach!

We’re on your team!! It’s all about supporting you creatively and productively. It’s an approach that doesn’t take up all your funds and resources. It’s about supporting you as independent artist, songwriter or band – and this is what we do best!

We have the Contacts!!

We’ve been making recordings for a long time so you get the benefit of our knowledge and our contact list of musicians, photography, in-house cd and web design, CD manufacture, management, film clips, advertising, media and marketing. We can point you to the right people for you to work with and steer you away from the sharks.


We find the best way to set up the framework for your entire project. We take time to
get to know you, your music, your audience. We find out what makes you tick, what
your goals are and what you want to say to the world through your music.

Great Thinking!!

What an independent artist needs most is great thinking, ideas that keep you ahead of
the pack. We will get you brainstorming and creating unique marketing ideas to get
your music out there.

We think ahead!

Hitting the spot with your audience means you have translated your ideas into success. Planning ahead and putting the right strategies in place with the support of a great team is what we do.


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